Dec 10, 2008

If a Stock Index Falls without Media Coverage Does Anybody Hear?

Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, it's a question worth asking. And this is the blog that's brave enough to ask it!

Is it really helpful to those of us in the corporate trenches to partake in this obsessive obsession the media is feeding? Isn't optimism a necessary prelude to economic recovery? OK, so let's get on with it! Are you in?!?!

If so, subscribe, comment, contribute! And let's share our success stories, celebrate the entrepreneurs who are bucking the trend, and give ourselves a break from the negative media drumbeat that's beating us down!


  1. Most of the news today is greed motivated by the media mobs, trying to be '1st with the worst' or, as in reporting election news, predict winners with only 1 or 2 % of the vote counted. Rarely is there any 'Good' news because it does not sell as well as 'Bad'. When will the advertisers wake up and not want to be associated with bad news broadcasters. If the big money spenders were to demand responsible reporting, without sensationalizing every issue, a little less fear might be cast on the public.

  2. Thanks ChuckD. Glad you get it! Even in the best of times, the media pack mentality happens ... it just sucks worse during the worst of times.